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My company AT & T and Verizon are pulling their ads from Google

My company AT & T and Verizon are pulling their ads from Google

Google crisis in Britain continue to accuse advertisers as the company puts ads on pages clips and promote the contents of hate and terrorism, and the views of anti-ethnic states.

In a new story on this issue, CNBC published confirmation communications company AT & T US to stop ad campaigns on YouTube and also sites where ads Odsens partners Google offers, and kept the search engine where their ads appear alongside search results, as these pages do not include suspicious contents is just links to news, articles, websites and products will not damage its reputation.

My company AT & T and Verizon are pulling their ads from Google

On the other hand, Verizon has confirmed its campaigns to stop advertising on YouTube and suspicious news sites, forums and non-known sites which filtering sites that can display the ads and with a focus on display their ads in Google's search results.

Joins these two companies to more than 250 companies recently stopped advertising campaigns on Google specifically in Britain, but this can also include the rest of the world markets, which would cause Dharara returns Google, publishers and even advertisers who did not deny that stop advertising campaigns on Google platform or minimize them will have a negative impact on their sales and their revenues.

The Google has apologized strongly on the impact of the scandal and pledged to work to improve ad platform and prevent ads from appearing on clips suspicious pages.


WATCH: خافيير بايز يتجنب العلامة مع شريحة مؤثرة، والسباحة تحرك لبورتوريكو

WATCH: خافيير بايز يتجنب العلامة مع شريحة مؤثرة، والسباحة تحرك لبورتوريكو
ليلة الاثنين على استاد المراوغ وهولندا وبورتوريكو يلعبون لبقعة في لعبة بطولة العالم الكلاسيكية للبيسبول. وسيلتقي الفائز إما الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية أو اليابان في بطولة لعبة يوم الاربعاء. الخاسر يذهب المنزل.
من بين العديد من لاعبو الميدان الموهوبين في قائمة بورتوريكو هو الأشبال العبقري خافيير بايز ، ومساء الاثنين، أظهر مهاراته كل العالم انزلاق مع الخطوة السباحة هائلة لوهمية من زاندر BOGAERTS في قاعدة ثالثة. تحقق من ذلك:
جيدة كما هو في لوحة وفي هذا المجال، وأنا لست متأكدا من أي شيء عن لعبة بايز هو أكثر إثارة من له الشرائح والعلامات له. لا أحد يفعل ذلك أفضل. انه اقتلع الشرائح مثل هذا من قبل ، وفي مكافحة حرائق آبار النفط في وقت سابق، أنه أرسى أيضا علامة على سرقة محاولة في الوقت الذي تحتفل . وكان كبير جدا.

Important information about healthy food for pregnant with twins

If confirmed, Anke pregnant with twins should take care of everything for your health and the health of Ojntek; even Tkmla pregnancy health and safety for your children trip, so I'll let you know with all respect to healthy food for pregnant with twins for a trip to happy pregnancy and your children. You must take care of everything Toklah; it affects your health and the Jninik, so you have a balanced diet contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals in order and your body.

Well be careful to increase the weight and average; so do not work yourself suffer from obesity after birth or during pregnancy, so you'll need to know the rate of weight gain during pregnancy, the daily calorie intake in order.

Calories you should get pregnant with twins
Each holder must get 300 calories per child, increasing the calories necessary to a 2000 calories, but if confirmed, you're pregnant with twins you should be able to get 2,600 calories a day, and if more than two children increases every child 300 calories.

And so that you get the calories you eat a greater amount of food, or reduce your daily must; so do not Thrgi more calories, and favored some dietitian to rest and the growing bed more time.

You must be a sequential increase your weight; so do not Tekhsary any weight and cause weakness of feeding your children, and if the Ahzta significant increase nationalist reducing the amount of your eating or increase slightly're on the move, even if increased rate of weight gain in a big way you should consult your doctor; to avoid you to be infected with pre - eclampsia .

Healthy food for pregnant with twins
Should your diet contains four basic elements: fruits, vegetables and starches, proteins and dairy products, and there are some healthy foods to be addressed during the period of pregnancy with twins, which are:

Foods rich in omega-3s
Omega-3 fatty acids is essential for the completion of the embryos grow and gain weight, and completeness of nerve growth and brain cells they have, as it keeps the heart health of the mother, and maintains the health of her skin and her hair, found in:

Oily fish, such as salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, tuna, and contain a high percentage of protein, vitamins, such as vitamin A and b12, potassium, selenium, niacin, and some containing iron, such as mackerel.
Nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios.
Olive oil, you can put it on any food, because it is a great benefit, but advise against over-eating.
Beans of the most important legumes rich in omega-3s a large amount.
Flaxseed contains omega-3 also contains the anti-oxidant is very useful for pregnant with twins.
Foods rich in folic acid
Folic acid is the most important nutrient to be pregnant, especially pregnant with twins, and is sometimes called vitamin B-9, which is important for the production of red blood cells with the kids, and completeness of the nervous system.

It also produces material DNA, and the production of liquid, which is around the spinal cord, and protects against the distortions that may occur in the spinal cord, and reduces the risk of Ajhadk, and is recommended when cooking any vegetable contains it to cook steamed; it dissolves in water, folic acid is found in :

Breakfast cereals or cornflakes.
Potatoes and potatoes.
Green Beans.
Cabbage and lettuce.
Hard-boiled eggs.
the rice.
Foods rich in vitamin D.
It maintains vitamin D on calcium and phosphate levels inside your body, which are the key elements to strengthen your bones and teeth and bones of embryos. It also fights the spread of infection and inflammation in the body, and reduces the incidence of diabetes and cancer during pregnancy sclerosis, and next taken from sources you can get it through exposure to the sun the morning.

There are vitamin D in:

Oily fish.
Red meat undercooked.
Foods rich in vitamin C
Helps the absorption of iron from foods, as it will strengthen your immunity against many diseases and helps the placenta to completion and growth, and keeps the skin and tissues and cells healthy and protects them from damage, and require the carrier to 85 mg per day, is found in:

Fruits, such as guava, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, berries, kiwi, avocado.
fresh pepper.
Boiled corn.
Foods rich in vitamin K.
This vitamin helps blood clotting, which Tanajia in the last period of pregnancy; so as not to Taatarda bleeding during childbirth, and helps the bones of your children's growth, and there are in:

Grilled corn.
Watercress and lettuce.
Spinach and parsley.
Noodles that are whole grain.
the bread.
High-fiber foods
Frequent incidence of constipation during pregnancy, so try eating these foods; they contain fiber, which benefits from it preserves the integrity of the intestines, and strengthens the immune Ojntek, maintains the level of sugar in the blood, it is found in:

Fruits, such as kiwi, strawberries, melons, papayas, cherries.
High-fiber breakfast cereals.
the banana.
Grilled potatoes.
Balthiaman rich foods or vitamin B-1
This vitamin helps to absorb the energy from the food you eat, and that is what strongly Tanajia when you are pregnant with twins, it also maintains the integrity of brain cells, and reduces the incidence of Alzheimer's disease, strengthens memory, and maintains eye safety, and strengthens the immune system, is found in:

Turkey meat, and it can be placed in the middle of slices salad; to increase the nutritional value.
Hot sauce made from peppers, preferably if found with beans; to increase their nutritional value.
Lentils, Tnaoulih by adding it with some of the dishes, or through the work of lentil soup.
Nuts and nuts.
And any of the yeast extracts.
Iron-rich foods
Iron is an important vitamins which protect against anemia and anemia disease, a disease that affects the majority of pregnant mothers, especially -alhawwaml Ptoom-, and help your child to the formation of red blood cells, so you should attend to eat these foods:

Red meat and fish.
Dried fruit.
Dark chocolate.
Reinforced with iron breakfast cereals.
Calcium-rich foods
Calcium helps teeth and bones of your babies to completion, strengthens bones and teeth more, strengthens the nerves and muscles of your children and their heart, and regulates the heart beat, and protects them from the blood to clot, and ecstasy in:

Milk, cheese, except for soft cheese.
Almonds and sesame seeds.
Dried fruit.
Foods rich Balmagnseyoum

It helps magnesium to convert all Toklah into energy, and that is of great importance; for the growth of the bones of your children, and to maintain the strength of your bones and teeth, and helps the cells and tissue growth, as it reduces the incidence of cancer, and reduce the likelihood of premature birth. There are:

A glass of milk.
the banana.
sunflower seeds.
Peanut Butter.
Dark chocolate.
Brown bread.
Foods rich in vitamin A.
Vitamin A is very important for the health of your eyes; it helps them adjust to the light, and helps the skin and tissues of your babies grow and completeness, and regulating the work of the nervous system, respiratory and blood circulation when your kids, and strengthens your immunity against any disease. There are:

the milk.
Cauliflower and broccoli.
Watercress and spinach.
Important questions concerning the health of your food during your pregnancy with twins
We will gather to a set of questions that might wander in your mind with all respect to the health of your food

What rate of weight gain during pregnancy with twins?
Must Taatokda that weight gain is required increase for the growth Toomk properly; so do not Taatardan to premature babies, and will increase the weight in the last stage of pregnancy; to increase the size of your children dramatically; natural Increases during pregnancy is 15 to 20 kilos, and be at a rate of 680.3 grams per week from the beginning of the second stage in the pregnancy.

The dollar on Tuesday 21/3/2017 in Egyptian banks and the black market against the Egyptian pound

The dollar on Tuesday in Egypt and the Egyptian banks, offering site Egypt Mex live coverage of the
price of the dollar in Egyptian banks in exchange for the Egyptian pound, where the quote you another bank updates the prices of green currency (dollar) in Egypt, depending on the prices submitted an official from Egyptian banks through daily dealings, where it is periodically updated those prices from one bank to another during the hours of the day, depending on many conditions that control in determining the exchange rates of various currencies, including the greenback.

Based on the fluctuations of the US dollar exchange rates against the Egyptian pound in Egyptian banks, especially after the Central Bank of Egypt's decision to float the Egyptian pound, with banks now offer prices differently depending on supply and demand indicators, leading to higher prices and differentiated between banks in Egypt based on the such a mechanism, namely supply and demand, and operates Egypt's toll through this page to view those prices and updated regularly to keep up with these fluctuations.

The dollar on Tuesday

As usual during the daily transactions have been announced for the dollar today by the Egyptian banks, during the official trading for the day, after a state of anticipation among citizens and exchange companies to learn foreign currency exchange rates against the Egyptian pound, published banks' dollar on Monday since the beginning of the periods morning, the dollar exchange rate as follows, as in the table and came.

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